Rural Development

Rural Development

Ramaanya Foundation is going to invests in rural development projects by supporting initiatives that generate employment opportunities. Through this, the Foundation aims to improve the quality of life of the rural community by supporting programmes for natural resource management, animal husbandry, agri-based livelihoods, etc.


Empower the extreme poor by increasing their skills, knowledge and giving them the resources they need. Donate to helping the poor in finding sustainable livelihoods and fighting poverty by giving them access to skill training, employment opportunities, farming resources, etc. A sustainable livelihood helps people live with dignity and security.


The Ramaaanya Foundation has a vision to raise the scale of employability, and to financially support livelihood projects specifically aimed at sustainable development in urban and rural India. The Foundation endeavours to promote, encourage, and assist both rural development and skill development, by providing training, vocational guidance and making funds available by way of grants.


Immerse in Rural development and positively contribute to the upliftment of the Rural areas. Be a volunteer with Ramaanya foundation.

At the end of the Volunteering, the Intern would have:

1. Enhanced their appreciation for rural realities

2. Enhanced their appreciation for development challenges

3. Had the opportunity to put into practice some aspects of their learning from their classrooms